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Greater Seattle and Washington State have become one of the premier technology centers in the world for software, electronics, and telecom.


Washington State is one of the world's leaders in software development and information technology. More than just the State of Microsoft, 4200 software companies call Washington home. This concentration of software companies and related support industries demonstrates Washington’s close association with innovation and cultivation of leading technology.

 Software and Internet industries represent a $30 billion business statewide.

 24% of Washington exports are attributed to the software industry.

 According to data from the Washington Employment Security Department, May 2005, employment in the technology industry was 207,080.

 Employment in the software industry for 2005 is 62,600.

 Employment in the software and computer-related sector of Washington State is 15% higher than the national average.

 Seattle has the biggest concentration of game developers in the country along with the Bay area (Other major players are LA, Austin and NYC.)

 57 companies in Washington do gaming, growing from 37 in October of 2003 (including Microsoft and Nintendo, but not their offshoots). Each company will employ anywhere from a few start up employees to hundreds of people.


Telecommunications represents one of the emerging sectors of employment growth in Washington. Growth areas include the cellular, paging, wireless, and satellite services, and data and video transmission sectors.

The telecommunications industry consists of wired telecommunications carriers, paging, cellular and other wireless telecommunications, telecommunications resellers, satellite telecommunications, and cable and other program distribution. Elements of the telecommunications industry may be found in hardware and infrastructure manufacturing, innovative software, and innovative wireless industry lines such as wireless data transmission of utility meter and heart monitor readings!

The telecommunications industry has 327 companies within Washington State employing almost 28,000 people, Fourth Quarter 2003 data.

Electronics & Computers

Washington's electronics and computer industry is a broad cluster encompassing companies producing electronics or components of such products. The Electronics and Computers cluster employs over 34,000 workers at more than 500 establishments in 2000.

Microelectronics is an emerging industry in Washington. Research institutions such as University of Washington¡¦s Washington Technology Center Microfabrication Lab provide the resources necessary to promote continued advancement and new business creation within Washington.

Nanotechnology: An industry focused on a nano (1 billionth of a meter) scale has widespread effects on industries like electronics and biotechnology. University of Washington¡¦s Nanotechnology program and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are pioneers in this important industry.

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Source: Washington State Business and Project Development
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