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Are you a Private Investor, VCF, PE or Institutional investment manager looking for attractive investments?     At Western Headquarters we review numerous business plans a year and choose eventually to work with the most lucrative opportunities.

Contact us today for a free Pre-Screened deal flow of opportunities sorted to match your investment preferences. Send Us your investment focus and we will sort our deal flow to introduce you those investments that are a fit with your criteria!

Our Investment Opportunities

We are working with technology companies from Canada, the Unites States and Israel . Those companies representing variety of tech sectors includes Software, Hardware, Semiconductor, Telecommunication, Web 2.0, Life Science, Ecology, Energy, Homeland Security and more.

Investment Stages cover the entire spectrum from early stage ventures to later stage expansion opportunities. Deals size: typically one to fifty Millions US dollars.

Learn more about our Investments Selection Criteria on Investment Focus.

Added Value services

For interested investors, angel's forums, VCFs and private equity firms, Western headquarters offer professional investment evaluation services to assist with business analysis and due diligence research of your prospects. For more info - contact us today!

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