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Western Headquarters focus is on matching promising Tech companies with private investors, Venture Capital Funds, Private Equity firms, strategic partners and potential buyers. Our Network includes some of the leading capital resources in Canada, the United States, Europe and Israel.

We utilize our personal relationship and knowledge about the investors' focus to match our represented companies with the most suitable partners. This assures our clients the most efficient exposure and increased opportunities to gain higher investments in a shorter time. Our Capital Raising Services include:

Matching attractive Tech companies with relevant Capital Resources

We specialize in representation of companies from the tech industries, including Software, Hardware, Semiconductor, Telecommunication, Web 2.0, Life Science, Ecology, Energy, Homeland Security and more. Investment stages cover the entire spectrum from Early Stages ventures to mature companies.

We match our represented companies with relevant capital resources correspond the deal's parameters in terms of stage, deal size, Industry, targeted market and geography.

Learn more about our Investments Selection Criteria on Investment Focus.

Matching partners for Joint-Ventures and Mergers & Acquisitions

A Discrete global search for suitable business partners for Co-Ventures and Mergers & Acquisitions using research, networking and quiet negotiation.

Capital Raising for Technology Funds

Raising capital for technology oriented Venture Capital Funds from private investors, institutional investors and Funds Of Funds.

Added Value Services

Western Headquarters' Added Value Services poised to intensify our clients chances for a successful capital raising campaign.

Starting with in depth Investment Readiness Analysis to identify the corporate preparedness for equity financing, continue with Strategic Consultancy to cast our client's vision into a lucrative offer and ending with Due Diligence Consultancy to assist with closing a desirable deal.

Learn more about our Added Value Services.

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