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We are working with technology companies from Canada, the Unites States and Israel . Those companies representing variety of tech sectors includes Software, Hardware, Semiconductor, Telecommunication, Web 2.0, Life Science, Ecology, Energy, Homeland Security and more.

Investment Stages: Early stage ventures to later stage expansion opportunities.

Deals size: Companies seeking for equity placement of 5 to 50 Million US dollars. other opportunities are considered on a deal-to-deal basis.

Demonstrate Qualities: We are looking actively for attractive investment opportunities that demonstrate the following qualities:

 Experienced, enthusiastic management team with significant operating and     leadership experience in their domain.

 Intellectual property or time-to-market advantage that can be leveraged to achieve     market leadership

 Clear path to market leadership in five years

 Solution solving real world - business pain

 Large addressable market size, generally in excess of $500 million

 Compelling vision and business model

 Robust operating plans with clear milestones to guide the ascent

 Clear competitive advantage

 Reasonable valuation and willingness to collaborate with new partners

 Late stage companies would have to demonstrate accelerating revenues and     profitability or a clear path to profitability

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Capital Raising Services Added Value Services Investment Focus Investor?
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