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Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia, located on Canada's spectacular west coast. Surrounded by mountains and ocean, Vancouver is consistently named one of the top cities in the world.

The Greater Vancouver region is home to more than two million people and 81,000 businesses in 21 municipalities. The City of Vancouver is the largest municipality within the Greater Vancouver region, with a population close to 600,000 within an area of 115 square kilometres. The city's vibrant downtown core is one of the most population-dense areas in North America and boasts an impressive balance of business, living and recreation.

The region is experiencing continued population growth driven by in-migration from other Canadian provinces and international immigration. In 2004, more than 7,000 newcomers moved to British Columbia from other provinces, and an additional 28,000 from other countries. Close to 70% of these newcomers eventually settle in the Vancouver region.

Vancouver's population growth is supported by strong economic expansion. Vancouver is home to 40 head offices of Canada's largest 500 corporations, accompanied by an array of financial, legal, scientific and technical service companies. These services support a growing technology sector, with strength in biotechnology, telecommunications, wireless, fuel cells and new media. Vancouver is a major North American production centre for film and television, which has been a catalyst for the city's expanding creative industries. Visitors from around the globe are discovering Vancouver's hospitality, driving growth in tourism. Some of these visitors decide to make Vancouver their permanent home, creating demand for new housing and services, and a booming construction industry. And because the region is home to more than half of British Columbia's population, Vancouver is a regional hub for trade, transportation, health care and education.

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