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In 2010, British Columbia will welcome the world for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver and Whistler. The 2010 Olympic Winter Games are great opportunity for grow to BC and it's seems that no one here would let that opportunity to slept away.

Enormous projects of Transportation, Constriction, Telecommunication, Computing, Homeland Security and much more are to be implemented, giving a significant bust to the local industry and to service providers from all over the world.

Estimated Budgets of hosting the Games

The budget for hosting the Games is broken down into two categories: the capital infrastructure budget and the Games operating budget.

The capital infrastructure budget covers the construction of new venues and the renovation of existing facilities. The federal and provincial governments would equally fund the Can$620 million (=US$402.5 million) budget.

The estimated total operating budget for hosting the Games is Can$1.3 billion (US$844 million), which is expected to be funded by television revenues, corporate sponsorships, ticket sales, licences and other private contributions. Government funding is not intended for the operating budget.

Can$86 million (US$55.7 million) of the OCOG's capital budget (funded by the provincial and federal governments) would be spent on upgrading or constructing City-owned facilities

VANOC Business Opportunities

There are many ways for businesses to get involved with VANOC, The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. most of them are categories under Procurement, Licensing and Sponsorship Opportunities.


(VANOC) is currently focusing its procurement activities in areas where immediate requirements for goods and services exist. Where significant requirements are anticipated, Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Invitations to Quote (ITQs), Requests for Expression of Interest (EOIs), and other bid opportunities may be issued and made public.

At this stage, much of what is required by VANOC relates to the office operations of the organization, construction activities, and Games-specific expertise for early planning.


A Licensee is an organization that has been granted a license by VANOC to use the Vancouver 2010 brand and trademark on specific products and accessories. These licensed products and accessories are created for sale in retail outlets and are also used by Official Sponsors to promote their association with the Olympic Games.

To become a Licensee, interested parties may be required to respond to the Request for Expressions of Interest relating to their product category. This is the first phase in a two phase process. Once the Expressions of Interest have been evaluated by VANOC, the companies that have qualified will then be asked to submit a Request for Proposal.

 Sponsorship Opportunities

VANOC manages all sponsorship opportunities for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and the Canadian Olympic Team.

For the 2010 Winter Games, VANOC offer businesses the opportunity to become involved at one of three sponsorship levels: National Partner, Official Supporter or Official Supplier.

Sponsors contribute cash, products and/or services. In return, sponsors receive the exclusive right to associate with the 2010 Winter Games. They are also entitled to use the Vancouver 2010 emblems and other Games-related marks in their advertising and promotions within Canada.

Depending on the sponsorship level, other sponsor benefits include preferred access to event tickets, Games-time accommodation, hospitality services, transportation and accreditation for staff and guests.

More Info

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Source: www.winter2010.com
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