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Oil and Gas Industry

Alberta is one of the world's leading producers of oil and gas. Alberta Oil Industry have developed innovative oil patch solutions that are increasingly exported around the world. As a world leader in many aspects of energy development, Alberta has the knowledge to help companies in other countries increase their efficiency and reduce costs.

The oil industry is the foundation of Alberta's modern economy. Alberta IS one of the world's top energy producers with vast reserves of oil and natural gas. The oil sand deposits in Alberta are the largest in the world. Our oil sands contain over 1.6 trillion barrels of bitumen, of which 175 billion barrels are currently considered recoverable. In 2003, production from conventional oil, oil sands sources, and pentanes was over 1.6 million barrels/day.

In 2003 Alberta accounted for:

 66% of Canada's conventional oil

 81% of Canada's natural gas

 100% of Canada's bitumen and synthetic crude oil

In 2003, Alberta's oil sales were:

 62% to the United States of America

 24% within Alberta

 14% to the rest of Canada

Alberta also holds an 5% share of the U.S. crude oil market.

Natural Gas
Natural gas is becoming increasingly important as an energy fuel worldwide. In 2003, Alberta's marketable natural gas deliveries totaled 4.97 trillion cubic feet.

In 2003, Alberta's natural gas sales were:

In 2003, the production of natural gas liquids (ethane, propane, and butanes) totaled 101 million barrels, valued at $2.5 billion. Alberta also holds a 12% share of the U.S. natural gas market.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

The Alberta chemical and petrochemical industry is the second largest manufacturing industry in the province. It produces over $9.5 billion worth of products annually. About half of these products go to global export markets, including the U.S.A., China, Korea, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

Petrochemicals is the largest of these segments. It benefits from an abundant, competitively priced supply of hydrocarbon feedstocks. Over half of Canada's petrochemical capacity is located in Alberta.

Petrochemical production is primarily ethane based. Ethane is a component of natural gas. It contains two carbon atoms and six hydrogen atoms per molecule. Ethane is converted to ethylene by cracking. The result is two carbon atoms with a double bond and four hydrogen atoms per molecule. Ethylene is used as a building block to make plastics, antifreeze, film, fibers, and other products.

Natural gas is used as a fuel for petrochemical production, as well as a feedstock for fertilizer and methanol production. The chemical sector consumes 40% of the natural gas used in Alberta. This equals six percent of all the natural gas produced in the province, including the ethane used as feedstock.

The petrochemical industry in Alberta continues to grow. The Alberta industry is competitive worldwide and enjoys higher labour productivity than the U.S.A. A recently constructed ethylene cracker owned by NOVA Chemicals and Dow Chemical at Joffre is the largest single ethane based cracker in the world. This site with its two existing crackers has the highest capacity of any ethylene production site in the world. The second largest ethane based cracker in the world is the Dow Chemical cracker at Fort Saskatchewan

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Alberta Economic Development

Source: Alberta Economic Development
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