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Aerospace, Aviation & UVS Industry

Alberta is highly regarded for its capabilities in the aerospace industry. The 146 companies that comprise the aerospace & aviation sector, not including Unmanned Vehicle Systems [UVS], offer a wide range of aerospace goods and services, particularly in the manufacturing, repair and overhaul sub-sectors. They employ over 4,900 highly skilled Albertans, the majority of them contributing engineering, technical or management expertise.

As we enter the new millennium, the total annual worth of aerospace goods and services produced by Alberta companies is expected to exceed $675 million. The industry's two main sub-sectors - manufacturing, and repair and overhaul - combine to export upwards of 70 per cent of their goods and services outside the province.

Alberta also has considerable expertise in the emerging sector of Unmanned Vehicle Systems [UVS] development. There are over 70 companies in this sector with expertise in such areas as; control systems, wireless communications, global navigation and positioning, remote sensing and remote control systems.

When the capabilities of the UVS and the aerospace & aviation sectors are combined, the Alberta Aerospace, Aviation & UVS Industry is estimated to employ more than 5,000 people and have annual revenues exceeding to $1 billion.

The players in Alberta's aerospace sector are competitive nationally and in the world market. With increasing globalization, Alberta's value as an industry location will continue to grow.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

The Alberta chemical and petrochemical industry is the second largest manufacturing industry in the province. It produces over $9.5 billion worth of products annually. About half of these products go to global export markets, including the U.S.A., China, Korea, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

Petrochemicals is the largest of these segments. It benefits from an abundant, competitively priced supply of hydrocarbon feedstocks. Over half of Canada's petrochemical capacity is located in Alberta.

Petrochemical production is primarily ethane based. Ethane is a component of natural gas. It contains two carbon atoms and six hydrogen atoms per molecule. Ethane is converted to ethylene by cracking. The result is two carbon atoms with a double bond and four hydrogen atoms per molecule. Ethylene is used as a building block to make plastics, antifreeze, film, fibers, and other products.

Natural gas is used as a fuel for petrochemical production, as well as a feedstock for fertilizer and methanol production. The chemical sector consumes 40% of the natural gas used in Alberta. This equals six percent of all the natural gas produced in the province, including the ethane used as feedstock.

The petrochemical industry in Alberta continues to grow. The Alberta industry is competitive worldwide and enjoys higher labour productivity than the U.S.A. A recently constructed ethylene cracker owned by NOVA Chemicals and Dow Chemical at Joffre is the largest single ethane based cracker in the world. This site with its two existing crackers has the highest capacity of any ethylene production site in the world. The second largest ethane based cracker in the world is the Dow Chemical cracker at Fort Saskatchewan

Information & Communication Technologies Industry

Alberta's Information & Communication Technologies [ICT] sector includes companies engaged in producing:

 computer equipment and services


 navigational and medical instruments


 telecommunication equipment and services

Alberta's ICT sector includes many large multinational companies with significant manufacturing operations in Alberta. In 2002:

there were approximately 7,000 ICT companies, generating an estimated $10 billion in revenues and $2.5 billion in exports

ICT employment totaled 54,500 in 2002

For more information visit:  Alberta Innovation & Science

Environment Industry

Alberta is well known for its natural beauty and clean environment. In a province enjoying the greatest economic growth in Canada, managing the environment is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Alberta's environment sector is helping to preserve the province's natural environment. The sector has become well known for its expertise in remediation, climate change solutions, water treatment, waste management and recycling. The sector is also respected for its dedication to excellence. Alberta companies adhere to high provincial and federal government standards and employ skilled Albertans with knowledge in the areas of engineering, law, science and technology.

 Alberta's Environment Sector by the numbers:

 Number of Environmental Companies: 1,085

 Number of Albertans Employed: 26,000

 Annual Revenue: $4.3 billion

Health & Bio Industries

Alberta is emerging as a dynamic base for expanding health and bio-industries. Award winning researchers, outstanding infrastructure, and innovative company developments are the core elements of this growing sector. All of these factors work together to capitalize on the province's enviable research and development capabilities.

Alberta's rich tradition of funding health research has helped develop a strong biotechnology and medical research community in the province. As a result, Alberta is in an excellent position to benefit from the predicted boom in health and bio-products and services. The government recognizes the tremendous potential this sector holds and is committed to fostering excellence in science, technology, bio-products and processes related to human health.

 Biotechnology is a growing component of a vibrant high tech sector in Alberta. The industry spans a wide spectrum of technology areas, including agriculture, health, genomics and proteomics, bioinformatics, and nanotechnology.

 Medical devices made in Alberta include prosthetics, patient positioning products for surgery and rehabilitation, wound care infection and prevention medical supplies, specialty made contact lenses, soft gel capsules, and products that allow people with physical disabilities to increase their productivity and attain independence [such as wheelchairs].

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Alberta's architecture, engineering and construction [AEC] firms make a major contribution to Alberta's economy. Their dedication to developing and applying technology and project management skills enhances each undertaking and promotes a well-known standard of distinction. Building on long-established excellence in civil, structural, municipal and environmental disciplines, Alberta's AEC firms are capable of designing and constructing all types of projects.

The sector is comprised of over 10,000 businesses that together generate annual revenues of more than $28 billion. Significant industrial benefits result from the sector because of the equipment, materials and subcontract services its firms design, specify and procure.

Building Products Industry

Alberta's building products industry is one of the largest and strongest industries in the province with annual sales of $8.9 billion. Exports are valued at $2.6 billion and the industry employs approximately 40,000 people. The building products industry has gained a worldwide reputation, particularly in the area of cold-weather construction. This reflects the high priority the Alberta government has placed on quality and energy conservation while making efficient use of sustainable resources.

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Alberta Economic Development

Source: Alberta Economic Development
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