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Alberta Holds Edge Over 10 Countries
The location of your business directly affects your profitability. The cost of labour, transportation, utilities, and taxes in a given location are among the key factors that help determine your bottom line.

A comprehensive international study by business advisors KPMG LLP (US) compared business costs in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Between April and November 2003, KPMG measured the combined impact of 27 significant cost components and found that Canada has the lowest overall costs among the 11 countries studied, with business costs approximately eight to nine percent lower than in the United States .Within Canada, communities within the western provinces have a cost advantage in some industries of up to 5% over the top-ranked country and up to 32% over the U.S.

In the chart to the right, total business costs in each country are expressed as an index, with the baseline index of 100 being assigned to the United States. Countries with a cost index less than 100 have lower costs than the U.S., while countries with a cost index greater than 100 have higher costs than the U.S.

KPMG's eight-month research program covered 17 industry operations in 11 countries. To view the complete 2004 KPMG Competitive Alternatives international business cost study, go to www.competitivealternatives.com

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