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Calgary dates back only to the summer of 1875, when a detachment of the Northwest Mounted Police reached the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers. The solid log fort they built had attracted 600 settlers by the end of the year. Gradually, the lush prairie lands around the settlement drew tremendous beef herds, many of them from overgrazed U.S. ranches in the south. Calgary grew into a cattle metropolis and a large meatpacking center. When World War II ended, the placid city numbered barely 100,000.

In 1914 oil was discovered in the surrounding foothills of Calgary. This coincided with the beginning of the First World War, where a lot of oil was needed. Many local ranchers became instantly wealthy and the boomtown of Calgary was born.

Two years before the discovery of oil history was being made on a completely different front. 1912 marked the first year of the Calgary Stampede and the stage was set for "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" to become synonymous with the Calgary name. The Calgary Stampede was the idea of one entrepreneurial spirit, Guy Weadick. He envisioned the Calgary Stampede as being one of the largest wild west shows on earth. This vision has become reality; the Calgary Stampede remains one of the biggest tourist draws to the region of Calgary and fuels its economic prosperity and western hospitality.

Calgary has continued its traditions of entrepreneurial spirit into the 21st century. It is now one of Canada's fastest growing cities and is home to the largest number of head offices in Canada, per capita. Calgary's economy is still boosted by the strong oil and gas industry but has become increasingly diversified with growth in various sectors such as; manufacturing, transportation and logistics and information technology.

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